Box W Vineyards

Mary-Jo and T.R. White are the owners of Box W Vineyards. The vineyard is three and a half acres of Cabernet Sauvignon at 1,000 feet of elevation on Atlas Peak Road. The name “Box W” comes from an old (but still active) cattle brand of T.R.’s dad. The vineyard was planted in 1985, and the Cabernet is all clone-7 on 110R rootstock. The vines are planted along the contours of a natural bowl in the terrain, with the axis of the bowl facing southeast. The soil is the typical Atlas Peak rocky volcanic soil that causes stress on the vines and gives the resulting grapes their unique character and flavor. Mary-Jo and T.R. manage the vineyard themselves, with a lot of help from Brambila Vineyard Management. The grapes are currently sold to Aonair Wine, a small family winery north of St. Helena, owned and operated by Grant and Megan Long, Jr. Winemaker Grant Long, Jr. focuses heavily on mountain-grown Cabernet Sauvignon for his flagship wines, and this is exactly where the fruit from Box W Vineyards ends its journey.