Dos Lagos Vineyards

The “magic of Dos Lagos Vineyards” begins with our unique soil structure and terroir.  Perched on the ridgeline above the CircleR ranch and Foss Valley on the south-sloping flank of Atlas Peak at 1,650 elevation. Dos Lagos Vineyards is comprised of 22 acres, 2 small lakes (hence “dos lagos”), and 5 acres of premium Cabernet Sauvignon growing in WHITE volcanic ash.  Most of the Atlas Peak AVA is made up of a red volcanic soil structure, while Dos Lagos Vineyards is primarily white ash, which is quite unique in the AVA.

Our lack of very much top-soil and the ‘Tuff Series Geology’ white volcanic ash combine to creates a challenging growing environment for the vines.  The 5 acres of vines are forced to struggle, and as a result produce smaller than normal grapes, which are loaded with flavor and intensity.  The ridge-top location means that the vines are warmed each morning with the sunrise, and are cooled by the prevailing sea-breeze in the afternoon, creating the most ideal temperature profile for Cabernet Sauvignon!

The grapes are harvested very late in the year, and are often the last grapes to be picked on Atlas Peak!  By letting the flavors fully develop on the vine, our winemaker Robert Foley has the most complex, most intense, and most interesting flavor profiles with which to work.  He has crafted Dos Lagos Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon for 8 years, and truly understands how to nurture the very best wine from our very fine grapes.

Tom and Marcie Dinkel are celebrating their 10th year as stewards of Dos Lagos Vineyards, having purchased the property in 2006.  Tom is a serial entrepreneur in the energy and tech sectors with a passion for the environment, renewable energy, and water conservation.  Marcie is a former top fashion model with over 100 front covers to her credit.  She also is an artist and creates a new piece of original artwork for each vintage’s new label.

Our winemaking team: Robert Foley, Winemaker.  Hector Lopez, Vineyard Manager