Tjian Family Vineyards


Tjian Vineyard site is located on Atlas Peak at a 1,200 ft elevation in a valley open at both ends, allowing cool airflow. Cabs were grafted in 2016 from vines planted in 2003. With east-west planting, vines enjoy the Napa sun all day long. Hardy terroir creates desirable wine cultivated from volcanic rock. Rhyolite pyroclastic volcanic rock nurtures a more tannic wine, aging well into complex, rich wine. Production in our 5-acre vineyard is low due to the struggle of vines in this rocky land, producing the highly rated grapes of the region.


Tjian Family Vineyard is fortunate to grow Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah in such a premier Atlas Peak Appellation.


Rating of 94 points from Robert Parker for JC Cellars’ 2008 vintage of “A Twist of Fate” for this amazing stand-alone 100% Tjian Family Vineyard Syrah.    

This wine “reveals smoky, meaty notes intermixed with black fruit and damp earth characteristics. The gentle tannins caress the palate, and the wine builds incrementally into a full-bodied, whoppingly rich, intense, but not over-the-top or heavy red. It should provide thrilling drinking over the next 6-8 years”. ~ Robert Parker

“Aromas of black cherry and ripe blackberry, perfume, earth and spice. Very concentrated, with intense flavors and aromas. The texture is soft, yet the wine maintains wonderful structure.” ~ Matt Gardner, Winemaker, Robert Keenan Winery

“Tjian Family Vineyard is sited on an ancient volcanic flow with very shallow, mineral-rich soils. The slope provides a buttress to push away the cooler Carneros air flows. Surrounding boulders capture a higher heat radiation, which pushes the dark navy skins to full maturity. Wines made from Tjian Syrah have a deep intensity, very perfumed and elegant, with a tannin structure”. ~ Stephen Hall, Winemaker, Robert Biale Vineyards

Our 100% Atlas Peak Appellation Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are proudly sold only to wineries in the Napa Valley.

Images provided by Tjian Family Vineyard. All rights reserved.