White Rabbit Vineyard

The journey of White Rabbit Investments began with a collective love for Napa’s vineyards and the picturesque mountainous landscape. Comprising individuals who have all called Napa home, the group seized the opportunity to acquire this exceptional vineyard at the end of 2023. Drawing inspiration from fond memories of skiing Tahoe’s snow-laden slopes together along with the sense of humor that is the cornerstone of their friendship, the vineyard was aptly named after ski run “White Rabbit”.

White Rabbit Vineyard stands as a testament to a shared passion for the art of winemaking, embraced by the four partners of White Rabbit Investments. Nestled atop Atlas Peak, one of Napa’s most esteemed mountain AVAs, the vineyard exclusively cultivates 100% Merlot grapes of Clone 181, planted in 2004. The quality of these grapes is exemplified by the distinguished wineries they supply, including Pride Winery, Aonair Winery, Pineridge Winery, Hall Winery, and Reverie Winery.

Images provided by White Rabbit. All rights reserved.